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Looking for medicinal cannabis oil (CBD oil, CBN oil, CBG oil or THC oil)? In our webshop we offer the cannabis oil you are looking for. Of course we can e-mail you a quality report for each product.

Extensive range of CBD oil, water-soluble CBD, CBD patches and other CBD products from leading brands.
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What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is a mixture of a vegetable oil with CBD and/or THC.

Explanation of definition cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is actually a strange name, because 'weed-' evokes an association with mind-altering substances, but that actually gives a wrong picture of what cannabis oil is. It's not meant to get high.

The reason for the name cannabis oil is that the content of cannabis oil comes from the cannabis plant. The most common form of cannabis oil is Cannabidiol (CBD). You cannot get high from this substance. That is why CBD oil is very popular.

Hemp Seed Oil
In cannabis oil, the ingredient (for example CBD, CBG or THC) is mixed with a vegetable oil. In the past, olive oil was mainly used for this, but nowadays hemp seed oil is usually used. In this way one stays as close as possible to the hemp plant.

Sometimes other types of vegetable oil, such as coconut oil, are used for cannabis oil, but that is less common.

Recently, there are also water-soluble CBD products. This has the advantage that the CBD is better absorbed by the body.

What is cannabis oil good for?
Due to strict European legislation, we are not allowed to elaborate on any health benefits of CBD, so we recommend that you consult Google.

High from cannabis oil?
A common question is whether you can get high from cannabis oil. This depends on which cannabis oil you use.

CBD oil

We repeat it again here: it is impossible to get high from CBD oil. The ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) is not a mind-altering drug.

THC oil

From cannabis oil with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) you can get high. However, you can easily reduce the chance of a high with the right dosage.

If you do get high from THC oil, the motto is: sit out the high quietly and take one or two drops less the next time.

Which cannabis oil to choose?

Always try CBD oil first. CBD oil is legal and it is impossible to get high from it. This is why CBD oil can also be given to children and animals.

That was easy! From here on, though, choosing gets a little trickier:

• What percentage of CBD is best for you?
• Do you like CBD oil raw, CBD oil pure, or water-soluble CBD the most?
• How can you compare prices?

To help you, we have written a special article with advice and tips for the choosing the right CBD oil.

Choice stress

Are you shocked by the range of CBD oil? We can well imagine that. After all, there is an abundance of choice nowadays. However, don't let the huge offer fool you.

Tip! We like to keep it simple: in the first place, it is about whether you benefit from CBD at all. Are you trying CBD oil for the first time? Then choose a 'CBD oil raw' or 'CBD oil pure' with an average CBD percentage (5-10%). Our personal preference goes to the 'CBD oil raw'. The CBD oil raw contains all valuable substances from the hemp plant.

With every order of CBD oil we provide a small manual. The topics we cover here are: recommended use, dosing needs to be learned, intake times, storage tips, shelf life and quality reports.

So you can read at your convenience how to use the product at home.

We have three types of CBD extracts in our range:

1. CBD oil raw / full spectrum
2. CBD oil pure
3. CBD water soluble

At the bottom of the relevant page you will find an explanation about each type of CBD extract. Use the CBD extract for at least two weeks (twice daily) to determine if the CBD extract is having an effect.

We recommend using approximately 30 mg of CBD (2 x 15 mg) per day. In this webshop, each product specification states how many mg CBD one drop of the CBD oil contains.

Prefer THC oil?

Have you tried different CBD oils and the desired effect is not forthcoming? Then you can try THC oil with it. So CBD and THC. However, you cannot find any THC oil in our webshop. We can put you in touch with reliable sellers of THC oil. If you are interested, you can contact us.

There are three ways to get THC oil:

• Specialist pharmacist
• Make your own

Specialist pharmacist
There are a number of pharmacies in the Netherlands where you can legally purchase THC oil. This THC oil is generally of very high quality.

Disadvantages are that you must have a doctor's prescription and cannabis oil from the pharmacist is relatively expensive.

Cannabis oil

Make your own THC oil
It is relatively easy to make THC oil yourself. We don't sell THC oil, but we do tools for making THC oil. For example: the cannolator (a device for extracting THC), heat-resistant beakers, pipette bottles, scales, funnels and empty syringes to store pasta.

Reliable information about cannabis oil

We see the interest in cannabis oil constantly increasing. We also see a growing need for comprehensible and reliable information about cannabis oil.

For that reason, in addition to an extensive range of CBD oils, we also offer a lot of information about cannabis oil. Some interesting pages are:

Organic THC Oil
About the status of THC oil

In addition, we regularly write a blog about a specific sub-topic related to cannabis oil.

Blogs about cannabis oil

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Want to know more about cannabis oil?

If you would like to know more about cannabis oil or other products, you can contact us at any time.

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